Infrasuisse is a partner-owned, independent advisory and investment firm providing capital and structured financial solutions to small and medium-sized companies or to specific investment projects such as asset and project financings.

Our extensive and broad financial expertise, long standing network combined with the access to a broad, global and in-depth investor base including LPs, banks, Investment Funds, Family Offices and other institutional investors, make us a preferred partner for our clients.


Since 2001 we have successfully acted on behalf of our clients with the aim of closing transactions and meeting our clients’ expectations. While the corporate and asset life cycles may appear similar, there are many differences in the way a financing can be structured depending on the type of underlying risk, cash flow, legal structure or security involved.

Key for successful deal structuring is to understand the expectations of all parties involved. In order to manage the different parties (lawyers, investors, banks, appraisers, auditors et al.) efficiently, it requires both intuition and discipline in order to keep transaction cost within the budget. We value the insight of an entrepreneur and a leading shareholder highly  and like to work with our clients in a team.

Through our “open source” Infrasuisse Partnering Platform approach we strive to grow the collective know-how to the benefit of our clients.


Our clients are mainly based in the German speaking markets. However, we also manage and advise on corporate and asset based transactions throughout Europe, where our international network can be of help. We have also been mandated for projects in the US, UK, Sweden, Russia and the UAE. We are preferably working on transactions not exceeding an enterprise value of EUR 500 million and usually try to stay away from transactions where public capital markets play a dominant role.

In select cases we are investing our own funds in the form of direct investments either in the form of private debt or equity. We also do support Family Offices on specific topics such as relocations and alternative investments.

We have gathered specific know-how in the areas of branded consumer products, fashion, contracted research, biotech, IT, renewable energy and transportation across most corporate and asset life-cycles