Capital Investments

At present we are not investing third party funds. Money invested is contributed by the partners owning Infrasuisse. We are industry agnostic but do have a tendency to invest in industries in which we have had exposure in the past. We are selectively supporting transactions with the following criteria and in areas where we believe to add significant value:

Private Equity

  • Transactions up to an EV of CHF 10 million
  • Majority and Minority
  • Growth, Buyout and Succession Situations
  • Switzerland, Germany & Austria
  • Supporting management with capital & advice

Private Debt

  • Overall debt volume up to CHF 10m
  • Junior Debt Focus
  • Strong free cash flow displaying debt capacity
  • Switzerland, Germany & Austria
  • Buyout or Leveraged Recap situations

Venture Capital

  • Equity stakes up to CHF 0.5m
  • In combination with advisory mandate only
  • Preferred share class
  • passive roles post-transaction
  • Switzerland, Germany & Austria

Renewable Infrastructure

  • Co-Investor equity participation up to CHF 2m
  • Junior debt participation up to CHF 1m
  • Situations with secured cash flows (quasi government credit)
  • Both offtake and feedstock situations satisfactorily addressed

Real Estate

  • Opportunistic real estate investments up to CHF 5m in equity
  • Senior Housing, Commercial & Residential
  • Switzerland only
  • Development and buy & hold situations

Distressed Situations

  • Opportunistic investment up to CHF 1m
  • Primary Focus: Germany
  • In collaboration with strategic buyer only
  • industry agnostic