Advisory Board

Over the last years we have worked with all of the individuals shown below in different constellations and we continue to be in a constant dialogue with our advisors and are very fortunate to be able to benefit from their invaluable experience in their areas of expertise and their continued support to grow the Infrasuisse franchise and platform:

Diagnostics, Pharma, Executive Management, Banking, Finance

Paul Hofer, lic. rer. pol.

Since graduating with a Master of Economics from the University of Basel, Switzerland in 1972, Paul focused on building his financial & business management career. During this time he spent extensive and successful years at the Credit Suisse Group in various high level and international assignments.   Since mid-2000, Paul has demonstrated an attractive track record in managing small to medium sized companies, including start-ups, in either board member or Chairman roles. At present he is CEO and board member of Hutman Diagnostics, an in vitro diagnostics product development and portfolio management company based in Basle. Paul was co-founder and board member of Necura Pharmaceuticals AG, the predecessor of Shogoo KK and subsequently Lumavita AG. Paul maintains close ties with the operating levels of his managed firms, focusing on developing adequate corporate structures, deciding and implementing defined strategies, in addition to his vigilance and implementation of appropriate Corporate Governance. Since 2001, Paul has established and successfully run an assessment academy for future potential Managing Directors at Deutsche Bank AG. He also coached Managing Director and Director level professional staff within Deutsche Bank as well as Senior Executives in other financial organizations.

Organic Cosmetics & Nutrition, Chemicals, Private Equity, Executive Management

John Cheesmond, Msc. (London)

John had a very successful career in the private sector which included being CEO of a global cosmetics ingredients company, board member, deal maker and venture capitalist. As a Vice President of the Union for ethical biotrade (UEBT) and  former CEO during 3 years of Phytotrade Association Africa “PTA”, he combines both the private and public working know-how.  John is also a regular panellist at ABS Initiative Conferences in Copenhagen as invitee of Danish Ministry of Environment. He served on the Boards of many companies; for example Ciba, Basel Switzerland, Inolex Inc USA, Hexcel USA, Orchid India, Mettler Toledo and most notably he led the Schroeder Venture Lifesciences investment into Cognis, the world’s leading supplier of cosmetic ingredients and certain nutrition ingredients.  He was previously MD at SBV, Partner at Schroeder Venture Lifesciences and Partner at Deloittes and speaks 4 languages.

Entrepeneur, Swiss SME's, IT, Investments & Turnarounds

Andreas Kleeb, Information Systems University of Zurich

Andreas is the owner of beelk Group, a Swiss SME with various long term investments in IT services, document management, trading, software, aviation and real estate. He started his career with the foundation and development of Wickart, Kleeb + Partner AG in Zug which was later renamed into redIT. Andreas won the innovation Price from the Canton of Zug for SPOC® (Single Point of Contact) which helped to make the Swiss IT industry more competitive. He is represented on the board of other Swiss SME’s and is actively engaged in politics and supports the improvement of living conditions in mountain areas and other project based aids.

Global Capital Structures, Risk Management & Banking

Robert Willoughby, Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management, MBA, Finance

Bob is a global financial executive and highly regarded business partner with a combined experience in both corporate finance and capital structure advisory at board / executive management levels as well as significant risk management decision making roles in portfolio, credit, underwriting, and capital commitments at Credit Suisse, Bankers Trust Company, Citicorp and Bank of America. Bob has gained significant finance and markets experience in both EMEA as well as the United States, having spent the past 19 years living in London.

As the founding Managing Partner of Gore Range Partners based in the US, Bob is engaged in advising clients in capital formation, debt structuring, and project management. Prior to this, Bob was most recently the Managing Director & Chairman of Credit Suisse’s market leading Leveraged Finance Origination & Restructuring Unit in London after previously leading Credit Suisse’s Risk Managment Group for EMEA. In close partnership with senior business management, Bob was responsible for making risk decisions enabling two separate highly regarded firms to attain market-leading positions in leveraged finance while avoiding the need for governmental capital support through the financial crisis.

Bob has expertise in all debt, equity, and derivative products; capital market and private instruments’ structures and pricing; high-yield origination; and debt restructuring and recapitalization. Significant track record in value reclamation in distressed assets and a no-loss record in portfolio approved positions distinguish Bob’s career.