Family Office Services

Given our backgrounds and the fact that we manage our own wealth actively, we are in a position to advise small to midsized family offices in a series of different situations. Due to the fact that we all have corporate finance background and are not traditional wealth managers, we take a different look at corporates and do have a very cash flow based view on investment decisions. Also, because we are not limited to public securities and have a broad understanding of private markets (equity and debt), we can offer the following services:

  • Relocation from abroad and setup of family office structures in Switzerland
  • Negotiation with public authorities
  • Credit Analysis
  • Equity Investment Analysis
  • Private Equity & Private Debt Portfolio Management
  • Opportunity to invest alongside existing (public) wealth management mandate
  • Swiss Real Estate Development
  • Repatriation of kick-back fees (Retrozessionen) held back by your Swiss wealth manager

The family office services are a result of the broad experience in the areas of corporate & asset advisory and capital investments.