Partnering Options


The number of smaller financial services & investment boutiques has increased over the last years, largely driven by individuals having previously worked for larger financial institutions or who have sold their businesses and have created a certain level of wealth. This has led to the fact that the corporate & asset finance advisory and investment industry in the German speaking market has become more fragmented over the last years. We therefore strongly believe that there will be a significant wave of consolidation both in the advisory and alternative investment world.  With access to the Infrasuisse Platform we would like to offer our Platform Partners the option to benefit from certain institutionalised effects and economies of scale:

  • Access to ressources
  • Interaction, discussion & communication
  • Deal Flow
  • Bundling of capital where Platform Partners would like to act as principals
  • Transaction execution

We view ourselves as an  «Open Source Providers» in the field of Corporate and Asset Finance Advisory by leaving full entrepreneurial freedom to its partners whilst maintaining key professional standards. In the long term we aim to become a valid alternative financial advisor and investor to the larger players.

Network Benefits

  • Platform Partnership with Infrasuisse
  • Use of Infrasuisse corporate identity
  • Opportunity to publish articles on Infrasuisse’s website
  • Equity Partner Options
  • Discretionary Deal Sharing options and regular communication and knowledge sharing
  • Ressource sharing optionsTransaction sharing options
  • e-mail account and professional IT infrastructure (at cost)

Partner categories

Partners are required to adhere to the Infrasuisse code of conduct and need to disclose through which legal entity business is being conducted

  • Equity Partner
  • Platform Partner – contributor
  • Platform Partner – member
  • Business Partners
  • Advisory Board

Partner approval process

  • Approval by 1 Infrasuisse Equity Partner
  • 1 Reference call of choice

Signing of Partnering agreement / Code of Conduct:

  • Transparency
  • No unsolicited retail approach to non-qualified investors
  • Highest professional standards

Reasons to be eliminated

  • unethical behaviour
  • improper business behavior
  • in violation of law or SRO rules and regulations

For free license, but voluntary contribution by partners on success based fees generated:

  • Voluntary 5% on success fees or contributions independent of specific transactions
  • Growth of voluntary contribution of success fees will foster the capacity to provide support services such as
    • industry analysis
    • corporate research
    • junior staff training and pay
    • financial modelling and documentation
    • IT support
    • supporting the topic of public infrastructures in Switzerland
    • compliance & regulations

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